About me

Valentina Maccatrozzo

I am a PhD student affiliated to the User Centric Data Science Group in the Computer Science Department, at the VU Amsterdam. I am supervised by prof. Guus Schreiber, and by prof. Lora Aroyo.

The focus of my PhD is on the use of Semantic Web technologies to enhance Recommender Systems. In particular, I focus on gathering information from different Linked Data and unstructured sources to improve the description of the items to recommend. I focus mainly on media items (e.g., TV programmes) which I enrich using DBpedia, IMDB, review websites, and other Web sources. I employ SWI-Prolog and Python as programming language.

Currently, I am a Research Engineer at the Netherlands eScience Center.

I have been employed as a scientific web application developer at Huygens ING. I contribute to several projects linked to Timbuctoo, an open source repository. As part of Timbuctoo, I am developing a JavaScript application to allow historians to browse the Linked Open Data cloud to include additional information in their databases.

My Research Proposal entitled Burst the Filter Bubble: Using Semantic Web to Enable Serendipity is available here.
My MSc thesis about the analysis between Social Networks and TV Audience entitled Online TV Buzz is available here.
My curriculum is available here.


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